Benefits consolidating warehouses

that plans, implement and controls the efficient and effective flow (transport or movement) and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin (Suppliers of raw material / Manufactures) and the point of consumption (Distributors /Retailers/End Consumers) in order to meet the customer’s requirements.Logistics Management encompass activities like Warehouse Management (storage of goods), Inventory Management, Transport Management(flow of goods), Distribution or Customer Order Management and Import/ Export procedures.Basically, Asian Paints postpones the “coloring” part to last stage and hence any dealer/retailer when they order a color, can receive the paint within a days time5.

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This enables small shipments in place of long distance small shipments.3.

Cross-dock: This type of facility enables receipt of full shipments from a number of suppliers, generally manufacturers, and direct distribution to different customers without storage.

In simple words, warehouse is a facility where the supply chain holds or stores goods, until they are needed by the customers.

Warehouse can be owned by manufactures, wholesalers, retailers to store the goods.

This requires stockpiling of the products manufactured from these raw materials. On the other hand, certain products like woolens are required seasonally, but are produced throughout the year, and thus need to be stockpiled as such.

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