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I'm very keen to see her and the whole family again."The atmosphere when I fought was tremendous.

With their medals hanging around their necks, the athletes checked in at a special Games terminal made up to resemble a London park.

At one end there was a mock-up London double-decker red bus.

The Red Stars were officially eliminated from playoff contention late Wednesday night, so Thursday's taping at the team's Lincoln Park office was the season's final show. Thursday's format is comparable with other shows' storylines.

Part of the plot — well, there really wasn't a plot — was Mc Leod belting out an Adele song while Masar played guitar and beatboxed. In one taping, La Hue, while Mc Leod's dog Maxwell sat on her lap, told a childhood story of holding her breath until she passed out because her parents wouldn't buy her a Big Bird raincoat.

;) A photo posted by @abbywambach on Sounds like a pretty good day for the USWNT if you ask me.

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