Jscrollpane not updating

In fact you should avoid using null layouts if at all possible for all of your Swing coding.

jscrollpane not updating-49

Color menu_color = null; menu = new JText Area(); Editable(false); Background(menu_color); JScroll Pane display = new JScroll Pane(menu); Vertical Scroll Bar Policy(JScroll Pane.

VERTICAL_SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS); Horizontal Scroll Bar Policy(JScroll Pane. HORIZONTAL_SCROLLBAR_ALWAYS); Bounds(location); content.add(display); That's what JText Areas are for -- they are for displaying text and text alone.

Now when text is appended to the textarea, no matter where I am currently scrolled with the scroll Pane, it scrolls to where the text is added.

I have tried the autoscrolls method but that does not work.

I didnt find any way to put the direct text that exists in the database in a determined position of the textarea and to give it some color.

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