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1715 -- Around this time the Roxbury area was first surveyed by John Reading, who also had a keen eye for the business possibilities of the area.

Iron Ore lay close to the surface in various area of the Township, and before long an Iron Ore Mine and small forge was in operation.

In 1633 the Dutch established trading outposts in what became northern New Jersey. Groups of Puritans settle Newark in 1666 and move inland.

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1745 -- Presbyterians first started meeting in homes in Succasunna about this time.

In 1756 the Succasunna Presbyterian Church was organized by the New York Presbytery, with the first building constructed on the current site around 1760. Around 1750 an iron forge is built by New York City businessman Garret Rapalje near the southern end of the Lake at the point where it flows into the Musconetcong River.

Their modest farms extended to what is today the Shore Hills section of Landing at the southern end of Lake Hopatcong.

By 1800 most had left the area, some joining another Rogerene group in South Jersey, others heading for Ohio or Virginia, while some others stayed in the area, blending in with the general population.

This page is an overview of Roxbury Township history, with an emphasis on the communities of Succasunna, Ledgewood, Kenvil & Lower Berkshire Valley. Landing New for several pages that focus on Landing NJ History or Port Morris NJ History.

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