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It is the duck that won’t stop asking me how I ended up here. I like the energy in the evening, the low lighting, the chatter, the boom of the waves. It’s the foundation of our stay here so far and unlikely to change over these five weeks in Las Palmas.

A middle-aged man with a worn out backpack, holding in his hand a salad in a plastic container, straight from the supermarket, just walked in to the room and sat down across from me. There won’t be a day that we do not stroll upon it, at least once. And then a Burger King and the Catedral de Santa Ana before we landed on the steps of the Casa de Colon, right among the weathered, empty structures and narrow passageways of .

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It appears he spent several weeks in Las Palmas too. Each time he returned home from a voyage, he soon set off for yet another. Maybe that’s why I worked on cruise ships at one point. As I attempt to sit quietly, they instead shout, “, climb mountains, visit villages and get lost, oh yes, in due time. Last night on a stroll through the lively I actually saw two cruise ships docked in port. The one with the robots on the walls and the long white table.

As always, I was nostalgic for a few moments as I recalled my old teammates from around the world and those quiet times when I just stood on the open deck watching the flying fish and wondering what lay beyond the horizon.

But these two mighty vessels I saw yesterday, and all their passengers, would of course be gone by morning, without me. And what better place to give this a shot than Las Palmas. You can enjoy your surroundings within minutes of arrival and there really isn’t much to worry about.

As would the flights and buses and trains of the world.

Was dabei entsteht, ist quasi der künstlerische Beweis, dass ein heterogenes Miteinander auf engstem Raum eben doch möglich ist.

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